Light of the World

It happened to me while I was away on a tour of the USA. I was staying with the leader and his family of the church I was ministering at, which was fun.

It’s quite common to have a spare bedroom in the basement in the States and it was there that I settled in for some well-earned rest after a hectic day of meetings and wall-to-wall people. But around 2:00am I was awakened. There was some movement in the room. 

Startled, I looked up and the rocking chair on the other side of the room was starting to . . . well, rock! As I peered into the darkness, straining my eyes in an effort to see clearly, I noticed some material, a bed sheet or something, moving across the room. To squash the feeling of fear which was quickly rising up in me, I began speaking in tongues out loud. Perhaps this was a poltergeist?!! Maybe this was a deliverance situation?! In the middle of the night, in unfamiliar surroundings, I tried my best to summon up strong and positive feelings in order to be God’s man of faith and power for the hour! 

As the activity around me grew and my intensity level rose to fever pitch, I heard the sound of a lamp stand falling over. Making a quick dash across the room I somehow managed to locate and switch on the light in one movement, ready to confront what I now thought was a legion of demons.  Now that the lights were on, however, I could see, much to my relief, the family’s two pet cats scurrying across the room and quickly disappearing up the stairwell to the main house above. Things look very different when the light is on!

“The Lord is my light and my salvation. . . in Your light, we see light.’ As the Psalmist said.

As we enter this New Year together may we focus on seeing the light that dispels all darkness.