"What is in Your Hand?"

God commissioned Moses to deliver Israel out of slavery.  Feeling unequipped for the task the echoes of these words had special significance to Moses.  Exiled in the desert for 40 years the rod that he carried in his hands represented natural ability and gifting that had been developed in the wilderness terrain.  It was now to become the very thing that God was asking him to lay down.  As he placed it on the floor, by divine intervention the rod transformed into a snake; attesting to the mighty power and presence of God.  Released his grip on that which he valued, it became a symbol of divine authority, confounding Pharaoh and the magicians of Egypt. 

It’s that same question, “What is in your hand?” that God asks today’s musician.  Be it guitar, fiddle, drum or keyboard, he invites us to lay it down, like the staff.  On its own it may well serve a practical purpose and be a very useful tool, but when laid down in the service of the great I AM, it too can become a weapon of liberation confounding the oppressor.

May we, like Moses, stand before the Pharaohs and magicians of our culture with the words “Let my people free that they might worship”.

 God will do more with our natural gifts than we can ever imagine.