Gate Beautiful!

The scene was set for a miracle. For a cripple from birth who was asking for alms stationing himself adjacent to the Gate Beautiful sure was a sensible place to be.  Good Jews entering the temple courts to pray would, I guess, have been fairly generous towards this man who was asking for small coins to be given as an act of charity.

Then, along came two ‘Jesus followers’.  The cripple asked Peter and John for money.  These two helped him find more.   There at the gateway called “Beautiful” a miracle began.   Scripture tells us that Peter looked straight at the man, inviting him to reciprocate.
“Look at us” he said.  “Silver and gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk” 
Taking him by the hand, the man’s ankles became strong as he jumped to his feet ‘walking and leaping and praising God’.

This first recorded miracle through the disciples in the book of Acts speaks to us so powerfully as worship leaders, musicians or artists. Indeed, in whatever sphere we function in, we are called to bring blessing and Good News.

Peter knew that he had more than silver and gold to offer, but in order to access that he knew he first needed to establish direct contact with the man.  Good music can do that, arousing our interest; providing a context and a powerful emotional bond.

Peter first looked at the cripple and then invited him to ‘look at us’.   Many times I’ve missed the significance of these words.  Often we are too busy attending to our own needs to be aware of the needs of others. Spiritual connection is our ultimate aim. To write music that speaks to the individual as well as that moves the masses is such an important skill for us to develop.  

As the cripple looked, Peter clasped his hand.  Strength flowed into the beggar; he regained his faculties.  He was healed!  Surely our role as artists is to be a conduit for God to come that strength might flow back to people. To bring healing not by our resources; but by His.  How rewarding!  

So there it is!  A miracle that took place at Gate Beautiful.  We too can be a gateway for people to experience God in their lives.  When that happens it’s.… beautiful!