Water, water everywhere!

Un re-route the river
Let the dammed water be
There's some people down the way that's thirsty
Let the liquid spirit free
The folk are thirsty
Coz of mans unnatural hand

watch what happens when the people catch wind
                                                  of water hitting the banks of the hard dry land
                                                            Gregory Porter

People are thirsty for spirit, and for their voice to be heard.  Be it renewal, be it creativity, the water will go wherever it will go, filing whatever vacuum is available.  Sadly manmade conventions institutions and ‘tastemakers’ of our day with an eye on demographics often succeed in creating a dam and funnelling the water into pre-determined directions preventing its flow reaching places where it can be savoured. 

I look to a day when we get out of the way and allow the water to run freely and reach all people as Gregory Porter eloquently sings:

‘The people haven’t drunk so long,
the water won’t even make mud’