You are Special

"Where are you from?” asked the Turkish sales assistant.  "If I get asked that question one more time I'll knock that persons block off." I thought, smiling, but never said.  "How about a leather jacket, a watch, a shave?"  This bombardment was beginning to get to me; my emotional thermostat was beginning to rise.  Here I was in the middle of the Turkish Bazaar trying to find some souvenir of our family vacation to take home that wasn't just a fake brand name - Armani, Gucci or a Rolex watch -  but a product of the real Turkey.  Then we found it! Opposite the Turkish baths, across the road from the white stained mosque on the corner of the small-town square stood a small cluster of shops.  Away from all the noise and clamour of bartering and hassle we at last found a reason for being here.  Like finding an oasis in the desert, we walked into the first shop and drank in the tranquil atmosphere.  Our eyes were met by a dazzling array of Turkish kilim art.  All manner of bags, shoes and men's waistcoats were on display.  Pat fell in love with t a multicoloured shoulder bag.  It was beautiful and rich in colour, practical in design, just what she was looking for.  The sale was made.
In conversation with a courteous salesman we discovered the bags on sale were made in different areas and mountain regions of Turkey.  Each bag or item was an original not a clone.  No two were identical; each was woven with a pattern or symbol that bore a meaning that represented our personal dreams and goals - no two were alike.
In the same way God has created each of us to shine in a way that only we can, our lives are a song that only we can sing with a purpose and a destiny that is distinct and tailor made for each one of us.
Everybody is an original.  Everybody is important.  The secret of our life in Christ is to be true and honest to that person God has made us to be.  In these days where God wants us to raise the watermark of our giftings and effectiveness let’s be sure we allow God to fulfil his perfect plan and purpose for our lives and not just opt for the safe option of conformity.  As my friend Gerald Coates says “most people start their lives as originals and end up as copies.”  God’s anointing most surely comes to those who are true to themselves and to their calling.