Perfect Fit

It should have been so easy.  Passing through a local department store last week my eyes caught a 50% sale on men’s shoes.  Needing a new pair badly I made my way over to the perfectly crafted pile of  boxes containing a range of shoes.  Having located the style and colour I was looking for, the next task was to find the correct size.  I tried on a 7….they were way too small.  Maybe a 9…that’s good!  Think I’ll try the 8…no…too tight!  Size 9 it is then!  But, faced with a number of different shoes all needing to be located back into their original boxes I could find the box with one size 9, could I find the other one??!!

That started my conundrum.  Where was the right shoe to the size 9 that I’d just tried on?  I searched high and low through that department store - it was embarrassing!  Trust me to lose it!  Purchase cancelled!  But, O dear… after 10 minutes or so looking my search was over, because I could see I was wearing it! 

I wonder sometimes if in our hurry to close the box and move on we really do miss the obvious.  We’re already wearing what we’re looking for.  Paul talks about us being blessed with all things in Christ ((Ephesians 1:3) Peter talked about us having all things that pertain to life and Godliness (2 Peter 1:3).  Maybe I/we need to take some time to look around and realise what we already have!