Why We Worship

I wonder how many of us at one time or another have secretly held the view that God must have a pretty big ego to want and desire our praise on a regular basis.  Exultations from scripture abound, yet incorrect interpretations and misplaced application can lead us to having a pretty warped view of God. The truth is God is never insecure.  He does not need constant assurance from us that he is glorious, great and all-powerful as mere lip service to encourage himself. God does not have an inferiority complex. He is worthy of praise because…. he is worthy.

Though rightfully we proclaim that he is majestic and mighty; awesome and holy, the origins of new covenant worship begin from a place of understanding his sacrifice on our behalf and his rising again from the dead that we might live. Put simply: He gives and we respond.  Our worship is a call to enjoy the outflow of this relationship of love. 

When we really like someone we want to spend time with them; conversely, it’s hard to get close to someone if we feel they don’t like us.  Recognition of God’s heart towards us is central to a true understanding of worship. We are loved unconditionally; no strings attached.   It’s not because of an insecure ego that God calls us to himself, but out of His desire for us to discover His affection for us again and again.

As we worship we step into our eternal identity. All through scripture God has been looking for people and individuals to ‘declare His praise as a royal priesthood (1 Peter2:9).  As worship starts to rise we begin to align and recalibrate our self-absorbed selves and live as we were created to: giving thanks to God and proclaiming his worth to all creation.

Acknowledging and recognising are the keys to unlocking the true power of worship.  From a place of awe and gratitude we begin to participate with God in His great plan to bring all things under the subjection of His Son.  Spiritual warfare is the confession of the name of Jesus, who is higher than any other.  His Spirit is seen to be visible among us for God truly ‘inhabits the praises of His people’.  Prophetic ‘now’ words from God are released in our midst. 

Though doubts and challenges come to all of our lives, still we are encouraged that our God is on the throne, His will shall be fulfilled and His kingdom will be advanced.  I know, as I choose to declare this truth so my eyes are opened just a little bit further, in spite of my circumstances, to walk in the good of what that really means.

As individuals and ‘church’ we have opportunity to engage with God by giving Him our full attention; dwelling in His presence; participating in His purposes… this is why we are called to worship