Just had this review of Precious Grace posted on the Cross Rhythms site:

STYLE: MOR / Soft Pop
RATING 8 /10
"Recognised as one of the fathers of the British worship movement Dave has written many songs we all know and love such as "I Am A New Creation" and "Abba Father". He has also written a series of books about worship. Dave's sound draws on folk roots and blends this well with the modern worship sound. As expected the songs on 'Precious Grace' are congregationally accessible and could be easily adapted and used by local church congregations in a variety of settings. The album starts off with more up-beat tracks such as "God Is On The Throne" and "Sing It Out" but then slows down to a more mellow and gentle feel which I think works extremely well with Dave's musicality and songwriting. "Son Of God" is a precious song that contains a depth of feeling that is beautifully expressed. "Show Me" has a great rhythm with smooth jazz undertones and turns your heart and mind to God." Reviewed by Matt McChlery

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