Precious Grace

Have you heard the one about the doctor who greets one of his patients on the street
"Hi Ken I haven't seen you lately."  "No," replies Ken "I've been ill!"

Sometimes in our relationship with our Creator we can carry forward that same mentality - you know - afraid only to come to Him when we've really got ourselves together. 

Forsaking an encounter with the only one who really can bring healing to us, Jesus, the wounded healer from Galilee, We try to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps, every method, technique available an in so doing suffocate the essence of grace. 

"Come to me," says Jesus.  "And let me take your burdens”  Come to me even when you feel there is more life in an old Duracell battery then in yourself.   "Come to me and learn the unforced rhythms of my grace" (the Message)...  Yet we still try to find another way .  

At the cross Jesus faced the greatest injustice the world had ever seen and overcame. It was a complete work, my sin was paid for, and now He actively welcomes me into his presence. That's profound!

For many this involves a complete paradigm shift in our thinking and conditioning, but by embracing this truth and applying it to our lives, transformation begins…

No more striving, but receiving!  

Wow! This grace is precious!